Here’s What We Do

You tell me about your claim.

Your name, address, phone number and email address, and the same for the defendant(s).

You tell me why you are suing. I ask for some details—when the event took place, where it happened, what happened, how much money the defendant owes you, and what evidence you have to prove your case.

We figure out if you have a good case—a claim worth pursuing in small claims court.

If you have a good claim, we take it to court.

I take care of the paperwork.

I determine which court to file your claim, preferably near you.

I complete the forms the court needs, and deliver them along with the filing fee, between $30 and $75.

After receiving your small claim hearing schedule, I notify you. Then, I hire the process server who delivers the documents to the defendant(s).

I mail the Proof of (Process) Service to the court.

We get you ready for court.

We organize and prepare your case: what you will say to the judge, what evidence you have, how to work with your witness.

I explain what happens when you get to the courthouse.

I teach you courtroom behavior and etiquette.

If the judge doesn’t decide the case right away, we wait until the court mails you the judge’s decision—keep in mind, that as the plaintiff you cannot appeal the judge’s decision.

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Who I Am

My name is Bruce Stern. I am Small Claim Service. I help people with small claims. For more than 25 years as a nurse, I cared for and supported people.

Let me do the same for you, working hard to get your small claim processed and preparing you for court—forms filled out, documents filed, getting the defendant served, and getting you ready to win.

I am on your side. I am your representative with the court. I help you prepare your court presentation so you will convince the judge you deserve to win.

I understand you may be angry, frustrated, or not sure what to do. I know what to do, and I will handle the hassles for you.

Let’s talk about your claim. Call me today!



Without Bruce, I don’t know if I would have won my claim. He made the process very easy to understand, and his sound advice gave me confidence in front of the judge. His steady counsel made it seem like he was with me the whole time.


Reasons to Sue.

For all the disagreements people have, for the harm caused by another, to you or your property …

You deserve justice. Go after the money someone owes you.

Here are common reasons people sue in small claims court. What’s yours?

Landlord & Tenant Issues

Landlord & Tenant Issues

  • Your security deposit wasn’t returned to you.
  • Your tenant damaged your property.
  • Your landlord or tenant harassed you.
Personal Injury or Property Damage

Personal Injury or Property Damage

  • You were injured.
  • Property damaged by someone else.
  • You were in a car accident.
  • Problem dog – the dog bit you or damaged your property.
Contracts & Agreements

Contracts & Agreements

  • A service or repair wasn’t done properly
  • product you purchased doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.
  • You loaned someone money, and they haven’t paid you back.
  • You weren’t paid for work you did.

Do You Have a Good Case?

Legal support and lawyer advice concept as two hands holding a justice scale as a metaphor and law symbol for court services and contract advice.

Does someone owe you up to $10,000 and have refused to give you your money? Small claims court might be where to go to get that money.

Do the facts favor you? Has someone or a business committed an illegal act against you?

Can you convince a judge? Does your evidence—lease, contract, receipts, photos, email, letters, text messages, and so on—support your claim?

Does the person or business have the money to pay if you win your case? If not, it may not be worth your time and money.

I CAN help you with these questions.

Call 707-501-7856 today for a consultation.


closeup of judges court gavel, over american money

What parts of California do you serve?

All of California. Wherever you live or work. From the redwoods of Northern California to the Mexican border; from the desert to the sea.

Wherever in California you rented a home, signed a contract, loaned someone money, you were injured, your property was damaged, and all the other reasons someone such as you deserves to be paid for your loss.

How do I begin to sue someone?

Call Bruce at 213-316-6764 or 707-501-7856. I am here to help YOU!

How much can I sue for?

If you are an individual or the sole proprietor of a business in California suing a person or a business, you may ask for up to $10,000, plus court costs.

What is the cost for your services?

$100 – $200, based on amount of your claim.

Will the judge decide my case while I’m at the court?

Maybe. Judges work differently, and decide different cases differently. It may be several days, a couple of weeks, or longer, before you will know the judge’s decision.

If the other side doesn’t show up in court, do I win my case?

It is not certain, but it is more likely you will win.

If I win, when do I get my money?

Possibly right away. If you win, the loser has 30 days to appeal the judge’s decision or pay you. After 30 days you can take action through the court to get your money.

Can’t I just do all of this myself?

Yes. Expect to spend about 10-20 hours to get it right, with possible re-mailing or re-filing of documents returned to you by the court.

You will need to learn the California and county rules and procedures for filing a small claim; understand California’s small claims laws; fill out the forms correctly and completely. You will also need to learn how to effectively present your case to the judge. I do all of that, and more. We save you a whole lot of time, money, and hassles.

Ready to Get Started?

Your Next Step

At this point you probably know why you want to sue, you have a good case, you learned about me and Small Claim Service, you understand the basics of the small claim process, and the FAQ answers addressed your questions.

Ready to move to the next step—starting your small claim, and suing that person who owes you money?



I’m here to help.